Cover by Judith Huey

GENRE:  Fantasy/Sword-and-Sorcery
PUBLISHER:  Twilight Times Publications
FORMAT:  eBook
AWARDS:  Dream Realm Awards 2000 Finalist (Fantasy Category)
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  • Conan had strength, Arthur had Excalibur, Rambo had guns--Alaric Swifthand has an uncooperative magic sword, which doesn’t seem to be any help at all. How could an ordinary guy possibly get into so much trouble, and why does it keep happening to him? The answers may surprise you. Never has a hero been less prepared to save the day!


    Staying out of sight until then was tricky, but I was up to the task. I had grown up on these streets and knew them intimately. The only place I knew I couldn't go was back to my parent's house. It was almost certainly being watched.

    The hours dragged on, until the time of our rendezvous neared. At last, unable to wait any longer, I made my way to Aron's Forge. I had never been in back, but the tool shed was so large it was impossible to miss. Had I not known it was there, I would have thought it was a guest house.

    I crossed the yard and pulled at the door. It swung outward on rusty hinges. It was dark inside. I brought my lantern forward, forcing the gloom into the corners. I entered, distracted at first by the amazing array of tools. Behind me the door closed slowly. Only then did I see Theona lying further in on the floor.

    I set my lamp down and approached, a seed of despair growing in my stomach. I knelt down and cradled her head on my lap. Her lifeless eyes stared back at me. The thin line of blood across her throat and the pool of it in which she lay told part of the story. To her left, on the ground was an ornate, black stiletto, stained with her blood. I picked it up and studied it, unable to recognize the markings. I was so stunned, I didn't hear sound of men approaching, until the door creaked open. I regained my feet and turned. Standing in the doorway was Baron Kelrak. Behind him, still outside, I could make out at least two guards.

    "What have we here?" he boomed, stepping into the shed.

    I realized that I held a blade, dripping with his daughter's blood. I thought about dropping it, but didn't want to call attention to it either. I was about to experience the rage for which Baron Kelrak was so famous.

    "Alaric Swifthand" Copyright © 2000. Steve Lazarowitz. Reprinted by permission of the author. All rights reserved by the author. Please do not copy without permission.



    Readers of fantasy and adventure, take note. Steve Lazarowitz has a flair for adventure and the irreverent resulting in an original tale with a powerfully original voice. ALARIC SWIFTHAND was a finalist in the recent Dream Realms award contest. I highly recommend it!

    Reviewed by Cindy Penn for Word


    From the depths of the Labyrinth of Kerrenar to the Dangling Dagger and its ghostly inhabitants at the entrance to the Cavern of Longing, Steve Lazarowitz takes his readers on a wild ride of adventure. In the words of Alaric Swifthand, "Adventures happen. You have to deal with them..." And Steve Lazarowitz deals with them in a highly entertaining fashion. He is a master of the cliffhanger, and has created a real page-turner in Alaric Swifthand. Clever and witty, written in a light, entertaining voice, Alaric Swifthand is a story any lover of fantasy or adventure wonąt want to miss.

    Reviewed by E. L. Noel for Dowse Book Reviews.


    If you enjoy speculative fiction and spend much time on the Web, chances are you've heard of author Steve Lazarowitz. If you hadn't before, now you have and believe me, if you read his fiction you won't be sorry.

    Reviewed by Jonathan Fesmire for SFSITE.

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